Saturday, April 22, 2006

Update From VA

Hey All... I arrived safe and sound on Thursday. We have been keeping busy and having fun. All our original plans have gotten changed. Instead of Busch Gardens we went to Virginia Beach and walked the boardwalk and went to a couple of bead stores! YEAH! One I got a few beads for a new wire bracelet and nothing at the other, the guy was giving me the creeps. Our big "going out" night, tonight, got changed to chinesee take out, wine, movie and toenail painting. I am beat. But really enjoying my stress free few days.

I already havge a few orders to work on when I get home. So tomorrow when I arrive I am going to continue to relax, hangout with my kids, then first thing monday it is back to business! I have got beadbox beads to get made for you all (I got an idea for "Patchwork Sky" from riding on the plane) and these new orders to do, plus this new wire bracelet so I'll be busy busy busy! Then it'll be time to prep for my first wire class.

Alright... I gotta get! Thanks for your votes and all... I will be adding everyone's name to the bowl when I get home... I have like 30+ votes to add, lol! I may not send a confirmation for every vote like I usually do, but I will try.

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