Saturday, April 08, 2006


I didn't get to make beads last night after all... grrr! But I did have a lot of fun so that's okay. Friends of ours , Pat & Julie, just got back from a 4 day cruise to Mexico so while I was chatting with Julie yesterday afternoon we decided to have an impromtue dinner get together. We had a wonderful veggie pizza with broccoli, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms covered in yummy cheese. We also had a bottle of champgne to celebrate Pat's new job, my new teaching position, Ron's little promotion and Julie (just becuase she is great!)

I have tons to do today... I am making beads (without a doubt, nothing could keep me from the torch today), I have to finish making the project examples for my classes, I need to get orders put in for wire & beads... lots to do. I promise I will have fresh beads in the Bead Box on Monday. So come back and check them out!

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jessi said...

Oh that bead box has such yummy beads! I have to restrain myself from pressing the "buy now" button on Yoga Pants, as I still haven't used up the Mermaid's Marbles set (i think it's cuz i like to just look at them and play with them LOL). But i just went and bought various strands of blue beads (lapis, aquamarine and amazonite) so I could get inspired to make something Mermaidy ;) Anyways, enough rambling, can't wait to see more fabulous lampwork!