Friday, April 28, 2006

I got beads!

Alright... now that my eyes are nice and in focus the beads are in the BEAD BOX! I had fun making all these last night and I hope you can find a set you like. I was tempted to keep the purples for myself but thought better of it and decided to share. I will definately be making more of those! Keep the suggestions and color requests coming... I love hearing them and since you all buy the beads anyway... you should get what you want! I will still do my own thing and make what I am inspired to make too but I like your little nudges.

Some interesting things have been going on today on the jewelry front. I have been approached by a retail shop on the Oregon Coast to potentailly carry my jewelry. And I also stopped into a FABU jewelry shop locally and asked if they would be interested in carring my jewelry... they might be, so I am going to go in next week with my wire stuff and see what happens. I am keeping names and identities hush hush until I know for sure... but lets just say the local shop has everything in gorgeous lite display cabinets and under lock & key! Serious stuff!


I made beads for about 3 hours last night and I have 6 sets for you to check out. BUT... I won't be posting them until this afternoon. I have to havea n eye exam at 1:00 so I will put them up after that... check back soon :)

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