Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seaweed Swirl

My mood has vastly improved from last night. I am feeling loads better, thanks for letting me go on that little tyraid, LOL! Here is the knob I was worring about. I etched it and filed it and it is beautiful. This is one that you have to see to appreciate. There is a lot of depth to it. I used Blue Lagoon frit on a white base. It's lovely, really. I showed it to Jacob this morning and he thinks it looks like somethign in the ocean.

Anyway, today is parent teacher conferences... I have to go hear what nightmares my children are, LOL! No, they are good kids for the most part, I am sure everything is fine. I already know Jacob has been irresponsible about writting all his assignments in his notebook and has been forgetting things lately. And I already know Andrew is well, Andrew. He is doing better with his reading, though they will tell me we still need to read with him every night and he is a wiz at math.

I hope to get some POSITIVE torch time in tonight. I will let you know how it goes. I am thinking that if a few more of the "Clowning Around" beads don't sell soon, I will put them up on Ebay as one BIG set. You all good with that?

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