Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ocean Tide

"Ocean Tide" is the only name I could come up with to fit this bracelet. I know it isn't very inventive but if you have a better suggestion let me know. I will change it. This bracelet was made with the help of one of Eni Oken's tutorials. If you like working with wire you are gonna LOVe her site and her tutorials are only $5-$12 a piece. You can pick a favorite and give it a try. These are the lovely beads I picked up in Virginia last week at "Bead Haven". I am not sure what they are but I loved the facettes on the rondelles and the smoothness of the ovals. I haven't bought gemstones in ages. I have to remember to do it more often. I put this up for sale on my website. Your jaw my drop when you see the price but it is well worth it considering it took me 6 solid hours to make. Those frames around each bead are all sterling silver 28 g wire wrapped coils. And the sterling beads are Shiana Karen Hill Tribe Fair Trade beads! Awesome.

Back to beads... I got a call late yesterday from the boys new baseball coach and he is having a practice tonight so I might have to push back the beadbox beads another day. I was able to get some orders dones last night and I started beadbox beads for ya all. UNfortuantely I just don't have a whole bunch for ya yet. But I will! Hang in there for me!

Did you check out the free knob? I think I am going to have the first drawing of each month be for a knob. Would you like that? Now I know you maybe thinking "what would I do with that?" Well, I will tell you... it looks big but it isn't, so, put it on your nightstand or on one of the drawers of your vaniety, put it on a beading door or drawer, on an armouir or tv cabinet. Basically ANYWHERE you could use a bit of color and art!

I have to tell you, if you haven't heard it yet... you just have to go out and get the new James Blunt back to bedlam cd. It is amazing and I am addicted. I haven't stopped listening to it since I got back from VA. AND it is on sale at Target for $9.99. Okay... I have to get, Lauren wants to watch Barbie in Swan Lake, LOL!

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Lori said...

I think a drawing for a knob each month is a GREAT idea