Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am thinking...

As promised I am organizing thoughts and getting ready to make beads until I am blue in the face :) I have requests for PUPRLE!, more citrus ones, some like the bonvoyage ones and PINK too. I can work with those! I am already bubbling with ideas. Have I ever told you my theory about Artists vs. Designers? This is a perfect example of why I am more Designer then Artist. The way I see it... an artist can take a blank canvas and create a masterpiece while I designer sees a blank canvas and doesn't know what to do with it. Give a designer some "requirements" and they can go nuts (ex, something purple about 12x12) but you give an artist limits and they can't do anything. Does that make any sense? I truely think it does. Now, I can be artistic from time to time when my muse gives my subconscience some inspiration but for the most part I design great beads.

Okay... today's pic... these are the "Raku Pebbles" I mentioned. They are NOT round, they are irregular pebble shapes. Can you work with these? Do you want to see them in the Bead Box tomorrow? I think they will make a great rustic fall bracelet. Yes, fall is already creeping into my head, we must be prepared. I was making spring beads in January wasn't I.

The boys have baseball practice today so I will be sending them with my husband and I plan to have the whole evening devoted to making beads. Come check 'em out tomorrow!

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beadgrrrl (aka Nikkinj) said...

I LOVE them. I love the Raku look, year round. The shape is great too!
See you on the B&B forum!