Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bon Voyage

I peaked my eyes open at 6am and thought " I should get my butt out of bed and go make beads before everyone wakes up." But alas, I rolled over found a fabulous snuggle and went back to sleep. LOL! When I did finally wake up and get moving around, I checked my email and saw the last new set of Bead Box beads sold. I should have made beads to replenish the supply. "Call Me Classic" and "Yoga Pants" are still available and did you notice I lowered the price? "Call Me Classic" is calling to me to make something with... hmmmm.

Anyway, while I am away you will have my jewelry pages to keep you busy. Have you ever checked out all my earrings? I have loads of them. They are mostly gemstone and wire creations, no lampwork ones, yet, but still a lot to look at. And you can keep busy in the Glass Gallery too. My Aunt tells me she has my gallery page bookmarked rather then my homepage. She loves to go back and look at all the colors over and over again. She got all bent out of shape when I redesigned my site in January and archived most of the photos. Should couldn't find them. Once she figured out all she had to do was click "2005 Glass Gallery" she was content again.

Today will probably be spent cleaning, doing laundry, packing and playing with the kids. My In-laws just arrived back in town yesterday. They winter in the south from Dec 26th til about now. So they will be coming for dinner. Hmmmm.... anyone notice I am leaving the day after they arrive home? I wonder if there is anything to that? *gives a little evil grin* But that story is for another day. I can't wait to get on that plane tomorrow. I am bummed that Barnes & Noble didn't get my book club book in in time for me to have it to read on the plane but ohwell. I will take "Time Travelers Wife" instead of "This Life She's Chosen". I am going to see if the B&B gals have any recomendations for bead stores in the Norfolk area to visit! I hope to get some goodies.

Oh... for those of you who worry about flying...
my flights are:
United Flight #3338 Rochester to Boston
United Flight #2859 Boston to Richmond
US Airways Flight #3528 Richmond to NYC
US Airways Flight #4501 NYC to Rochester

Finally, new jewelry. Today's photos are of the 3 latest bracelets I made yesterday. In order from top to bottom they are "Garden Fences", "Calm Breeze" and "Courtesy". I love love love how "Garden Fences" turned out but will probably rework "Cool Breezes". You gals let me know if you wanna see these color beads in the Bead Box.

WOW this turned into a long post. Thanks for all the safe trip wishes you all have been emailing me. I will have email access in VA so I will try and check in. Keep up the votes and don't forget Monday the new free bead give away is going to be a KNOB! So stick with me.

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