Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Progress Report

Are you the least bit bored yet with my life? LOL! I sure am, it's noting but beads & jewelry, beads & jewelry, beads & oh yeah, more jewelry. You have to be thinking "doesn't she have a life?" Well, as a matter a fact, I don't! This is all I do... but you know, it's all to get ready for next weekend. Then I will make a point of doing something interesting other then jewelry, just to have something juicier to share with you all. In the mean time... it's just another blog post full of my latest.

First up... "Follow Your Bliss"... my friend Lindsey reminded me that I haven't done a "sayings" bracelet in a while. So I pulled out my stamps, hammer and anvil today and started banging out new sterling disks. My alphabet kit came with a bunch of phrases and words to help inspire you. I liked this saying a lot. Did you gasp when you saw the beads? I DID! They are by bead artist Melanie Moertel. I am a HUGE fan of her beads,unfortunately I can't afford them. But I was lucky enough to win this set a few weeks back. (Only $81 can you believe that?) They are just gorgeous and I have been waiting for the right project to use a few on, this was it. I have more sterling disks ready that say "Live Love Laugh", "Happily Ever After" and "Dream Believe Hope" just waiting for their beads to come along.

Do you remember me mentioning some very special (aka expensive) glass called Kronos & Olympia Rain? Well it is handed made rods of glass and is impossible to get. But there is a smaller less well known company making 4 very similar hand pulled colors known as R4 glass. It costs $100 a pound! (Moretti costs about $15 p/lb). I decided to spludge and got a half a pound, just 8 rods. These beads were made with that glass. I am still practicing and trying to figure out how to pull the colors out of it. But man is it beautiful when you can get it to work!

I took one of these beads and decided to try somethign different. I would really like your opinions on this one...

It is one of the sterling disks as a pendant with a single bead. I like it, it feels great on and I can make it say anything. But do you like it? The lighten was terrible to see the beads beauty but you get the idea of the concept. Let me know your thoughts!

Last but not least... Western Denim neckwires & bangles. These were beads I made late Thursday and early Friday. I had been forgetting to show you them. It is a great color combo for fall! Really rich and warm. Ivory and transparent turqoise are very reactive when used together. The ivory makes the turquoise look like a swampy green ( but a good swampy green, lol). You all had better be keeping track of the color combos you really really like. Once next weekend is over, I will be back to making bead box beads. You can say "I really liked your Western ones... do some of those for us." And I will!

One of my favorite color combos is cooking in the kiln right now. I call it "Vintage Romance". It is a twist on red & pink & white... it's ivory, dark red brown and coral pink. I can't wait for the kiln to be down! I also worked on some fun focals for more disky pendants and I was playing with that R4 glass more too. I will let you know how everything turns out!


Kathy said...

OK Kerry,
We really like your western wear colored beads. Please make us some of those for the bead box beads.
The R4 color combo is great too. And the other bracelet you made is great too.
You are rockin and a rollin'
Everything you have made so far is fantastic. Two thumbs up!!!

Chrissie said...

I really like the western wear beads too!! The colors are so warm...
You can really see the beauty in the R4 beads. There seems to be so much depth to the beads. I think that the necklace with the single bead and silver disc is a great idea. It would be great for a more conservative client.

Amazing work Kerry!

Kerry said...

Thanks girls! I will be sure to do some Western bead box beads in the coming weeks when things calm down around here.