Sunday, September 17, 2006

Last step... sweep

That wasn't so bad... I thought I was going to be working on that mess ALL day but was woken up early by my Dad calling Ron to go golfing so I was about to get an early start. I spent about 5 hours and I think it is dang near done. Check it out! Look at that sunlight I got coming in that window! You can't see it is this photo but my front garden is right outside that window so in the summer I will have a beautiful view of purple cone flowers and mums. The basket on top of the small shelf thing next to the computer is one I made and it is now full of all my packaging stuff. Lots of gift boxes and tissue paper with packaging envelopes. The computer is actually the grotesquely slow one you hear me complain about. The kids use it for games since I got my laptop, and I tend to keep that upstairs. When I get another second, I will get out a few of my display busts and put them on the top shelf of the computer table by those earrings.

Here is that view from the deck doorway again. Told you I would clean it all up! Ron still has a little bit to do. He has a pile of paperwork to organize and he needs to figure out what is going to happen to the electronics but that shouldn't take long at all. See the empty table there to the right... that is where my photo set up will go. I am going to order a photo light box and set it up there. For now, I am going to keep the torch outside but if I find I can't take the cold in the winter, I may bring it in.

These shelves got cleared of the dozens of disney movies filling them to store my books, magazines, bills, officey stuff and seed beads (see they are on the bottom self to the right.) Another couple of my handmade baskets (I took basket weaving classes before I got into jewelry making) it is full of bills I have paid, paper for the computer and that kinda thing. I got a great tip off of Eni Oken's website. She said she keeps her wire in large envelopes marked with the guage and shape. So I got my wire all sorted, wound up and in clear envelopes. Works out great!

I just love how much light I have coming in this window. I think even on a cloudy day I will have a lot of light, even if it isn't sunlight. I took a bunch of plastic baskets I had to sort some of my most frequenly used findings. There is one for my silver scraps, one for bali beads, one for accuflex and one for all the rounds. I think this will get me to put stuff back, lol. Trying to get it into all those little drawers just wasn't cutting it for me. Gotta love my Ott Light too. You can't tell it is on when the window is open but when I was down there last night it lit the whole table up great! And of course, when you get to meet as many other artist as I do, you gotta have a cork board for business cards, send me yours, I'll stick it up there.

Having everything all sorted, organized and in it's proper place... I am really excited to make something! But I gotta make beads first, lol. Lauren has school tomorrow so I will get to make some beads then. I really can't wait. Now, who wants to make a bet that this picture looks like the one from yesterday of my desk by Christmas, lol.

For lunch today we decided to pack a quick picnic and took off to our favorite park at the lake. I will share some of those photos tomorrow. For now, I gotta get outside and do some weeding. Oh and Ron wants to close the pool... definately time for that. I don't see anymore swimming in our near future.

Anyway.. let me know what you think of the changes!


Kathy said...

Wow Kerry, you were Very ambitious. The end result is amazing. You did a great job.
Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Kerry said...

Thanks Kathy,
I am a hurting unit now that the job is done, lol. I know the minute I sit still every muscle in my body is going to stiffen up! BUt it's worth it. I have so much more room now. I don't feel so crowded anymore. I love it!

Jodie said...

Beautiful studio! I'm so JEALOUS!!

Deedee said...

Kerry...what an inspiring space! I love your new art on the looks so beautiful with the light coming through. It will be fun for you to have all that daylight and to be able to look out the window and clear your mind. The environment you work in has such an impact on how you feel. We are all looking forward to seeing all your new work from that inspiring space. Well done! Deedee

Lindsey said...

Kerry, it's great!! I can't wait to see it in person. I'm surprised that you didn't paint it, too, knowing you and paint. Looking forward to seeing what you create in your new space.

Chrissie said...

Oh Kerry it looks amazing! You are so good at organizing! I have the hardest time putting things away. I am totally going to use some of your ideas when I get my guest room back. :)

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone!

Lindsey ... I may paint, lol. I still need to repair the wall where the desk used to be. When I get the chance to do that, I will probably paint... again. But I kninda like my yellow.

scubscub said...

Wow Kerry, nice work!

What a huge difference looking at your before and after picture!

Keep up the clean space and happy beading! :)

Moon Stumpp said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your studio. You've inspired me to go clean mine.