Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just another Wednesday

I was thinking that I would post a "sneak peak" pic for you gals of tomorrow's bead box beads but decided I would make ya all suffer. You are gonna have to wait until tomorrow. LOL. Sorry. The kiln is still cooking and I have a quiet moment to update, if the timing had been better I probably would have snapped a pic for you. Oh well, what is another 24 hours wait? I will say, I think you are gonna like them! I am thinking I will have 6-8 sets. Yoo HOO! Is whole scheduling my time things really seems to be working well. The new thought in the back of my head is that bead box specials every week is over kill. You don't need that many beads. So I am going to try and have specials every other week and on the off weeks, I will make beads for me to use. Good plan huh? We'll see how long that lasts. lol.

Last nights coffee get together about the "Shop Til You Drop" Open House went really well. I was wrong about who would be there representing direct sale merchants. So here is the new list... Pampered Chef, Baby Splendor (it's new, google it, it's cool), Tastefully Simple, Stampin' Up (another cool craft thang), Mary Kay, a yet to be named handbag maker, and me. Should be GREAT! Last night was the first time everyone met and it was kinda quiet, kinda stiff, but I know by time the day rolls around everyone will be kicking back hanging out having fun. That is really important to me. I think these kinds of things should be FUN! Like, we are going to have PRIZES! What a great incentive to come! The more you spend, the more tickets you get to enter your name in the "Grand Prize" basket drawing. The basket will be filled with goodies from each vendor. I wanna win!

Ron is at school tonight. Me and the kids are just gonnna hang out and relax, do some homework, make some dinner, and what not until he gets home. I am going to torch again tonight before bed. I need to do a few more beads for tomorrow and I need to make beads for a class I am teaching tomorrow night. I had completely forgot I was teaching a "Sandy Lanterns" class. So I need to do some black capped raku beads. I need to do some anyway. I need to get the tutorial and finished piece to the magazine for photographing.

Ugh this blog sounds boring. Hmmmm... I wonder if there is anthing I can come up with to spice it up? Hmmm... any good gossip I should share? Bummer, I can't think of a thing. I will call my sister and make her take me out this weekend. That is always fun and leads to interesting tales.

See ya tomorrow with new beads!

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