Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blue Breeze

Look, I was finally productive this week! This first photo is of a set I worked on yesterday experimenting with my new enamels. Click on the picture and check it out up close. You'll see a sort of spray paint speckled looking texture to the beads. I am not sure what I'll do with these. I thought I would make a bracelet but the strand is too short. I will need to make a few more beads first. Unless one of you all have an idea in mind for them. If you want them, email me! There are 5 ovals, 6 disks and 1 lonely speckled round. I can't wait to get to play with these enamels more. I am working on an "alternative Halloween" set for y'all with enamels.

I also made these beads yesterday, along with the bead in the original colors of the first "Breeze" necklace. This is "Blue Breeze". I made the necklace today (actually 2 of them). I am going to send both to BeadStyle Magazine. That way they can use which ever one suits the season they want it in. Maybe that way they can use it in one of the Spring or Summer issues instead of waiting until Fall of next year. I'll just have to wait and see what they decide. When I know the publication date, I'll let you know.

I took a close up for you of this bead in particular. Look... it's STRIPED! I used that nailpolish trick from the plaid beads and painted on stripes. Then etched the beads. After they were in the solution for a while, I cleaned off the nailpolish. So the shiny parts are where the nailpolish was. Neat huh? I love this shade of teal blue.

So that is about it for today. We are going to Jacob's 4th grade OPen House tonight. Then my favorite show... SURVIVOR is on! Followed by my other favorite show... GREY'S ANATOMY! And it's the season premire tonight. I pretty much plan on being a couch potatoe this evening, lol. Then tomorrow I will see if I can finish the new Halloween beads... I will let you know who they turn out!


Chrissie said...

OMG! I love the colors! The textures in the first set are very cool and I absolutely love that striped teal bead! Awesome job Kerry! For the first set...could you maybe add some chucky round silver beads to make it longer?

Anonymous said...

That is a cool trick with the nail polish. Thank you!

As always the beads are beautiful.

Be safe...