Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Did you all get the email I sent out yesterday? Check it out! I got my magazines yesterday and I am so so excited. It doesn't seem real seeing my name in print. Like these are some kind of joke and someone just made them on their home computers, lol. But no, it's really real. I have even got an email with an offer for discounts on wire if I will mention them in my next article. It's pretty crazy! I have had another article excepted for next year, too. "Sandy Lanterns" will be a project in an up coming 2007 issue! YOO HOO! I hope I can continue to come up with tutorial worthy projects.

As far as the actual prints... I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with the photos that the magazine took. The colors are ALL wrong. The "Berry Wine" beads look red when they are purple and the "Harvent Moon" beads look blk wht & yellow when they are lavander and amber, weird. I showed my Dad last night (he has been a pressman for 20 yrs) and according to him it is the printing not the photos, but oh well. That's what's in there, no changing it now, lol.

Lauren had a great first preschool day this morning. She had no issues what so ever leaving me, jus ttook right off to play. And her teachers said she had so much fun. I got lots of beads made while she was gone, yoo hoo. And the kiln should be ready in another hour or so. Great thing about morning beads is that they are done by dinner :)

On a somewhat disappointing note, I spoke with the owner of Blueground Jewelry today and it doesn't look like my jewelry is the right fit for his shop. I am going to go by tomorrow and pick up my pieces. But never fear, I will find another shop where the fit is better. I am thinking I will look into the Museum Store this weekend while I am at the show. Plus I could really use the extra inventory for the show this weekend!

You probably won't hear from me tomorrow. I need to clean price and package all the jewelry, then get the van all loaded for Friday's show set up. But if I come up with something I can't wait to tell you, you might hear from me then, lol.

Lastly, did you see I added MyOhMy Shops to the voting buttons. Please, don't feel like you have to vote everywhere. I think three places is really over kill and I feel bad asking. But this is a new ranking place that doesn't just rank bead sites but ALL sorts of internet shops. I am trying to decide which of the three I should drop, give me a week to figure it out, k? In the meantime, vote where ever you want :) And I tried to hunt down a good set of free beads for ya but just couldn't come up with any I could spare so we are making this week "Winner's Choice". The winning voter gets to pick the color combo and I'll make the beads! How's that sound?


Kristi Peavy said...

Congratulations on being published. I can't wait to get the magazine so I can try those designs.


Nicky said...

Congratulations Kerry, im in the UK so i have to wait a bit longer to get my copy, but you can be sure as soon as i get it i will be ripping it open to have a look and try it out myself. I can see what you mean about the colours from your picture, but it still looks lovely (the picture of it on your site is SO much better thou).

Dont be bummed about Blueground, just see it as an extra opportunity to get your stock to a wider audence.

Hope all goes well at the festival - im sure you will go down a storm.

Kerry said...

Hey Kristi & Hey Nicky!

As soon as I can get through this weekend, I will put buttons in the bead box for everyone to order bead sets to try the projects.

And I am not too bummed about Blueground. The right place will come along.

Kathy said...

Hey Kerry,
Congrats once again on getting published. I can't wait to get the copy either.
You will do great this weekend at the Clothesline Arts Festival.
Can't wait to try the beads and the projects too. You Rock!!!

Lori said...

I will have to go out and buy the magazine.
good luck this weekend

Chrissie said...

Congratulations!!! I have to go get a copy...I'm going to get a subscription but I'm afraid I won't be able to get the issue with you in it. I'm so excited for you!