Friday, September 22, 2006

Speckled & Spooky

I know, I know... it's been ages since you have seen a set of beads from me. Well, the waiting is over. What do you think? This set is "Speckled & Spooky", my alternative Halloween set of beads. I decided that you have plenty of choices when it comes to glass candy corns, pumpkins, and other cutesy beads. I wanted to do something different. I made a base of black and added enamels in subtle yellow and bursting orange. The orange is definately the dominate of the two enamels. There is a kinda squashiness to the color. I really like it. But I want to hear from you all. What do you think? Will you bid when I put them up on Ebay? Or are they just too out there?

I feel exhausted right now. It was such a long day here. It started extra early with Ron watching the Ryder Cup "streaming" on the golf Wonderful husband he is, he got up early, made cinnamon rolls then used the last of the cream for the coffee! Grrrr... I made beads while Lauren was at school (see above photo)then this afternoon we went to the farm where my cousin Charity keeps her two horses, Clover & Shamrock. Lauren loved Clover and even got to ride her! I wish I had my camera it was soo cute. Then Lauren and I planted some new flowers in the gardens. I spent the rest of the afternoon finally updating my "Bracelets" page on the website (go check it out!) and the "Sold Items" page. I was cropping and editing photos until I could see straight. But it is finally done! Ron then went golfing with a friend and I ordered pizza. See, I am tired!

Anyone catch Survivor last night? It was great. I loved seeing my man JP arguing in tribal council. GO JP! Then I balled watching Grey's Anatomy. Dang that show knows just what buttons to push to make me cry. Gotta love it. It is replaying right now, I can already feel my eyes stinging. I am sending the kids to bed soon and gonna read a little bit. I will let you know when I post the new beads on Ebay. I wanna hear your feedback first! So let me hear it!!!


Sarebear said...

I LOVE that you did something different than pumpkins, ghosts, witches, candycorn, etc.

Nothing wrong with those, but these are NEAT!!!

Kathy said...

Wow, I love the colors of the halloween beads. They are so cool.
The combo is great. And it is different from all the other beads.
You Rock!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like them, but honestly wouldn't bid on them because Orange just does not look good on me! If I was making jewlery for other people I would buy them cuz I could see someone wanting to wear something for Halloween or fall that doesn't involve candy corn!

me personally, I love the fall colors, green, purples, rust, wine, blue, etc!

Chrissie said...

I love them too...It's nice to see something funky and different for Halloween. They just feel more grown up. I think the pumpkins and bats and candycorn are all really cute but these are very cool, more trendy.
I adore the fall colors that the post above me mentioned...fall and summer colors are my favorite.

Cud Chewer said...

Wow! I think they look great. It is so bizarre how I found you! I was at Barnes and Noble today with my hubby and I was reading a Wire Mag and there you were! The wierd part is I was messing around on blogger tonight and randomly came across your blog. I recognized you from the magazine I read today...You are a celebrity!!!! I love your blog format...I am a new jewelry artist and I am blogging about my day to day life and the joy I am finding in making jewelry...I am going to add your blog to my favorites...Great to meet you!

Kerry said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is great to hear. And I don't mind at all if you say they are cool but I wouldn't buy them. That is the kinda thing I need to hear!

Stacie! Welcome to my BLOG! I will be stopping by to check out yours. I find it so so strange when people "recognize" me, lol. I am no celebrity, trust me. I throw projects against the wall same as the next beader. Feel free to post anytime! And go check out my website, I got FREE BEADS!