Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

It's today, it's today, it's today! THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I think I am as excited as the kids are. The gang got on the bus this morning with out a hitch. Jacob was by far the most excited. He didn't sleep a wink last night. He was up at 11pm when I went to bed and up this morning arounf 6am. He says he just stared at the wall all night. He is so nervous about 4th grade. Rumor has it that 4th is the toughest year with the most homework and hardest state tests. Andrew, always the opposite one, couldn't get out of bed this morning. He said he would go to school tomorrow. LOL. But once his juices got going he was ready to go. Lauren was a hoot. She thought she would get to go to school on the bus too. She was really bummed when she had to wait and have Momma drive her. Today was an open house style day for the preschoolers. We went just for an hour. Tomorrow starts the regular 9-11:30 days. She will be going M-W-F. I am a little nervous about the preschool I chose. It is new and it is a blended classroom. Most of the children are special needs. She is one of the mainstream students. I worry that since she doesn't need special attention, she won't get any at all. But there are 5 teachers for 15 students, so I hope that doesn't happen.

Did everyone have a good Labor Day? We went to a baseball game and had a blast! I had time before the game to string up the Vintage Romance beads. Check them out!

The coral pink was very very tempermental this time around. So a bunch of the beads that turned a gross flesh color went into the bad bead jar. But these were usable. You like?

This was about all I got done yesterday. But today should be very very productive. I am expecting deliveries from Mykonos Beads, Jewelry Supply, Heritage Glass and BeadShop. Plus I got some tips on frit beads I want to try out. I may have been melting the firt too fast, I want to see what colors I can get melting it slower. Frit beads are FUN! Simple, colorful, and great in everything.

Lisa D was this week's free beads winner! YOO HOO LISA! Thanks so much for your continued voting support! I will get new free beads posted this afternoon :)


Melinda said...

I LOVE the vintage romance neckwires!! Great color combos!!

For future consideration for color combos--chocolate cherry sundae beads(mocha brown, with a pinky red and cream or white) I'll buy those!!!

Have fun this weekend at the festival!!

Lora said...

Very Cute Kids!

Your rocking with the beads right now. So tell me how good did you do with those last beads that you sold at e-bay? I'm nosey!

Don't forget Rockstar tonight! Who's going home?

Be safe...

Chrissie said...

The vintage romance beads are awesome! I especially love the one with the little flowers!
Melinda's color combo sounds really yummy!

You are going to do great at the show this weekend!!

Kerry said...

Thanks girls.

Melinda! How's your wire working going? Are you using everything I taught you!? You shoudl come in for the Sandy lanterns class at the end of September.

Lora ~ auction ended fine. Not really what I was hoping for but oh well, ebay is such a crap shoot. But the lady who bought them got them as a gift for her daughter. I am hope she likes them.

Chrissie ~ thanks for the vote of confidence! Can you please have a conversation with the weatherman!?!?! They are saying it's going to rain!

Chrissie said...

I talked to the weatherman and there is still a chance for thunderstorms on Saturday but Sunday is looking partly cloudy in the mid 60's... You'll probably be ready for a break by the time the thunderstorms hit Saturday so maybe it will be a blessing in disquise?