Friday, September 29, 2006

Artist Ghost Preview

EEEEKKKKKK!!! I am excited about these! I was able to make another set of beads today while Lauren was at school today. And they came out of the kiln just moments ago, literally. They spent more then 6 hours slowly cooling down. I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for them to be ready. I was sooo excited that I took them off the mandrels, cleaned them, strung and photographed them the second they got to room temperature. These beads are absoluttely amazing. I am going to keep working on the photos because I have yet to have one capture what they really look like. AAAAAHHHHH!! I am so excited!!

The beads were made with the silver R4 glass called Picasso Blue. You should see the rods, they start out a transparent cobalt blue and when you reduce the glass in the torches flame, out comes these amazing swampy blues and greens. I decided to call them "An Artist's Ghost". I think they have a raising mist quality to them, very eerie and very mysterious. Since the glass is named after an artist, the mist must be the ghost of Picasso. (Don't worry I haven't lost my mind, I am just using my imagination!) This set is BIG! There are 21 beads. A dozen small rounds, 3 large nuggets (larger then the ones you are used to seeing in the bead box) and 6 medium nuggets. If I saw these beads on Ebay by another artist, it would definately be an auction I would watch and bid on. I love these. I would keep them for myself if I thought I couldn't make them again. But I know I can, and I know I will. I am already thinking I need to make some in the spree shape.

PLEASE, let me know what you think of these!!! I wanna hear your thoughts.

Alright, enough playing on the computer. It is time to cook up some dinner and have some wine with Ron.


Lindsey said...

Kerry, these beads are absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the pictures don't even do them justice.

Cindy said...

Amazingly beautiful beads! One minute you're doing plaids, enamels and twisties, now this really cool organic style. I love how you came up with the name for the set, imaginitive indeed! :-)
I can see why you are so proud of these, and don't see how you could let them go.
~ Cindy

scubscub said...

Love them, love them, love them!

They are so amazing. I have been admiring your creations for the longest time I can remember and till now did not dare to venture for one. Another reason is because I am on the other side of the world, so i am afraid by the time they reach me, they got mishandled and that definitely cannot do justice to the beads!

Kerry said...

Hey Girls!

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback... blogger feedback and emails you all have been sending. I am so excited about these beads and I am even more thrilled that you all like them too!

Lindsey ~ I called you Thursday! Call me back! We gotta get together!

Cindy ~ Now this is going to sound really rude but I swear I don't mean it too. Even YOU could make these beads! LOL. I know you are a newbie to beads and don't have a lot of confidence in yourself but on a HotHead, all you have to do it turn the flame up a little higher and the colors just flow right out of them.

scubscub ~ Thank you so much for the compliments and please... visit and share anytime! If you are looking for a set of beads that CAN'T be mistreated, these are the ones. With no dots and no stringers, they CAN'T be broken!

Chrissie said...

Wow Kerry! You have really out done yourself! I'm with Cindy you are really expanding your style. We never know what's coming next...I love it!! Just amazing!

Merideth said...

Beautiful!!! These are great, and a great shape to go with them. I'm really interested to see what the spree's look like - as those are usually in light and 'fruity' colors, it will be interesting to see them more organic.