Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rainy Denim Days

You asked for them so you got them! The "Western Denim Days" beads have been loaded up into my "Bead Box"... go check them out!

I just sent out the group email letting everyone know and let me tell you, it was a pain. It seems that Yahoo!Mail thinks I have too many people on my mailing list. I have about 70 or so people on the list. And I had no trouble mailing you all two weeks ago but now there is a problem. I had to split you all up into two group and I had to remove some of the "extra" names like my Mom & sister. I am going to have to send customer service some emails to see what can be done about this. Weird huh? Oh well. You all know now so no harm done.

I do hope you all like the beads! But in case you don't, I came up with some "survey" questions for you all to answer to find out more about your likes & dislikes. I have seen "polls" on other website so I thought I could add one to mine! FUN huh? Go vote HERE!

I am going to hang out by the computer to update the Bead Box then I am heading out to teach tonight! See ya later!

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