Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Ramblings

My my what an eventful evening we had last night on the website. My stars! It all started yesterday afternoon when I tried to update my site with photos of the "Western Denim" auction. It was taking forever, it wouldn't load for some reason. After an hour of trying to get it to work on my own, I called Yahoo's free tech support. The first tech I spoke to determined it was my wireless connection. So I disconnected all the wires on our pc and direct connected the laptop to the cable modem. (anyone falling asleep reading this should skip to the next paragraph) Still the same. I called back (as I was instructed to) and I spoke to a cool guy named Dave for over an HOUR! In one attempt to get it working, he said he wanted to try to load a test page. He misstakenly turned my homepage into his test page. AAAHHHHH! And he couldn't get it back. He then found out the there seemed to be a universal problem with Time Warner, Comcast and some other provider dropping the connection to Yahoo. He had NO idea when it would be fixed. After another hour or two of stewing, trying to get it fixed with no connection, I had a light bulb moment. "I'll try my dial up service," I thought! It fixed the problem, almost. Somewhere in there for a short bit it got it back and took it out again then got it back again. Whatever the phantom loading problem was, it is fixed now, thank goodness. And the site is back to normal. I loaded the new free beads and I fixed the auction links... all is right in the cyber Kab's world.

Now on to more interesting things.... who knows this movie poster? Or rather, DVD jacket? I just about started jumping up and down when I was in Target today and saw this. This movie, The Last Unicorn (1982), is my hands down all time favorite ever cartoon from my childhood. I loved this movie when I was little. I can't believe they have re-released it on DVD (for only $9.44)! Of course I bought it, couldn't live with out it, and I am going to watch it later. Eeeekkk, I am excited to have it. And I know the kids are going to love it too. Come on now, unicorns, magic, wizards, the Red Bull, a castle... what's not to love? By show of hands, who has seen it? Who remember's it from when they were kids (or "young adults")?

I got a bit of bummer news this afternoon, my gallery piece that was supposed to be in the December 2006 issue of B&B has now been rescheduled for June 2007. And Bead & Button thanks me for my patience and understanding. Grrr... I was really excited about that. Oh well, next summer will be a blast with Bead & Button, BeadStyle and Step By Step Publications! So I won't complain.

Tonight should be fun, my friend Susan (aka Lauren's speech therapist & also book club member) is having a little coffee get together. Susan is a Pampered Chef consultant and had an idea to do an Open House with several home party companies this November. I am so happy she decided to ask me if I would represent jewelry in place of Sopata. It is a wonderful concept! There will be Pampered Chef, Party Lite, Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, Airrobone (I think) and me. Each "vendor" is going to have a room of her BIG BEAUTIFUL house to set up in. We are all combining our mailing lists to send out over 1000 invitations. It should be a great event. I will let you know more details as it gets closer. This maybe the gig that makes me venture into the "home party" side of the jewelry biz. We will see how it goes. I would definately need a plan ahead of time as to weither I am going to do selling parties, or teaching parties and that kind of thing. If any of you readers do home parties, let me know. I would love to pic your brain about it!

I am off to make enchiladas and then head out to coffee at Susan's. Everything is still on track for tomorrow's bead making and Thursday's bead box beads.

CONGRATS TO Mari Beth! This week's free beads winner! YOO HOO!


Lindsey said...

Kerry, I loved that movie, too!! Hopefully sometime soon we can get together--Simply Crepes....mmmmm.

Chrissie said...

OMG! Me and my brother used to watch that movie over and over again when we were kids!! It was just on TV the other day...