Saturday, September 16, 2006

Step One... move furniture

I am totally making up for this week's major laziness with the work that I did today and have left to do tomorrow. Now, I must say... I am extremely embrassed by the clutter and just plain mess that is my downstairs family room. However, I promised I would show you photos so I am sucking it up and sharing it. But I assure you, I am somewhat of a neat freak (at least compared to others I know although not nearly as much as my MOM) and tend to just avoid this area most of the time because it is just so hard to keep clean.

In case you have no clue what I am babbling on about... I started the studio remodel today! Check it out... This is how the room looked when I started around noon today. Look close and you will see my jewelry desk in the foreground to the left and my computer table to the right. I am standing in a doorway out to our deck. Missing from the photo is the blue denim couch that was between the two end tables on the left. The room is about 12 feet wide and 20 feet deep. So long and narrow, kinda hard to deal with.

See our house isn't huge so we had the couch downstairs and the love seat upstairs in the small living room we have. Now that love seat is out to the curb and the couch is upstairs. Okay, cover your eyes, don't look at the next photo... it is my jewelry desk! AAAHHHH! See what preshow frenzy does to my workspace! I spent more then an hour just packing all this up! And will no doubt spend at least three tomorrow UNpacking it. I need to take a trip over to Loews and pick up some new hardware organizers. My two are FULL! Look at the tilting pile in the back, lol... it could really do some damage!

So slowly, and all by my lonesome (hmmmm.... Ron's idea yet he had to "mow the lawn" for hours instead of helping), I moved that park bench, the end tables, the rug, packed the desk and started deciding on the new layout. I knew I wanted my desk under the window, but clueless about where I wanted to put everything else. Ron did come through a few times with "suggestions"... I don't know about you all's experiences with these "suggestions" but I have found if I don't do the "suggestion" then I usually get told that I shouldn't ask for help if I am going to do it my way anyway then he storms off and pouts for awhile. UGH, MEN!

There is still lots more to do tomorrow. But most of the major moving is done. Except for that TV on the right side there, it needs to find a new home tomorrow. And that disney table too, oh and that big stupid broken fax machine on top of it... those bookshelves need moving and the two end tables are not staying there. ALL the stuff on the top of my desk need organizing and putting away, too. SEE I TOLD YOU I WAS MAKING UP FOR MY LAZINESS! Look at how hard I am working!

Come back tomorrow and I promise it will be totally put together!


Cindy said...

Kerry, you are SO ambitious!
I showed my husband your photos, and for the 1st photo, he said, "Wow, that looks good!" And for the 2nd photo (your desk), he said, "That doesn't look so good." And for the last photo, "She really did a good job! Look at those wood floors!..." See, all your hard work isn't going unnoticed! You are taking on something most of us would procrastinate doing for forever! Go Kerry Go!

~ Cindy

Chrissie said...

You are ambitious! I can't seem to get the laundrey put away today and here you are rearranging your house! I love that window. Its big enough to let in plenty of light without distracting you from your work. And that artwork looks awesome!
Good Job Kerry!