Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trunk Show Tomorrow

I decided that I am going to a Bead Box Trunk Show tomorrow with leftover beads from this weekend's show. I was going through what jewelry I had left and found I had lots of neckwires. Rather then let the beads go to waste just sitting in a box for two months until my next show, I thought I would string 'em up for you all to use! This photo is a sneak peak of the beads that will be in the box tomorrow. And to mix things up I decided to add some of the ceramic disks that I got last week from Mykonos Beads to the sets.

I got a bunch of photos done before it started to rain a little while ago. And still have lots more to take. I will work on that tonight and tomorrow then hopefully get my website updated with that jewelry is actually left, lol. It is going to take a while to update the sold page, lol.

So, I will send an email tomorrow when I am ready to open up the trunk! Until then... go check out the latest free beads :)

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