Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Imaginary Mumps

I patiently waited for the kiln to come to room temp so I could get these beadies outta the kiln. They just came out about an hour ago. I quickly strung them up, took their pics and posted them on Ebay. Go check out "Imaginary Mumps"

I had so much fun making these. I just played around layering my favorite colors. I kept them wonky and irregular shaped just to keep things whimsical. I even made "sidewinders" for the spacers. "Kerry what the heck are sidewinders?" You asked. They are OUT of round spacers. And I made them that way on purpose. They are kinda top heavy. And OMG!! I had silver Greek ceramic beads that were just perfect with these too!!

It is a HUGE set... 22 Beads! HUGE!! It is a 10 inch strand. I wanted to keep them for myself but I know that wouldn't be nice after teasing you with them the other day. I had planned on finishing these yesterday but never made it to the torch. I just wasn't feeling well. I was fine today and finished them up earlier (like 7 hours ago, lol, told ya I was waiting for them to get outta the kiln). Now I will start on the Bead Box Beads in these colors... I got LOTS of ideas!! You are gonna love 'em!! Just wait and see!!

Time to get to bed.


blest said...

Oh..oh oh... Those are the prettiest lampwork beads I have ever seen. Entirely too tempting.

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Blest!!

I like 'em too!!