Friday, July 06, 2007

At it again!

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist showing you these!! Check out "Trapeze Rivalry" and "Penny Arcade", respectfully. I must say, I am extremely disappointed with you blog readers! A few days ago I asked you to send me color suggestions for Playground Bracelets and not a single one of you gave me an idea. Bad blog, bad. So, I have had to do all the work myself and come up with my own color combos.

"Penny Arcade", obviously, was an off shoot of my "Pinball Wiz" beads. I love the colors. As I have said before... turquoise and coral orange are the "it" colors of the year and I just love the way they POP off black. I have come to the conclusion that my Playground bracelets are pieces of jewelry you design an outfit around. Rarely are you going to have an outfit that already matches one of them... you gotta get something "special" to wear just with them.

"Trapeze Rivalry" (LOVE that name, lol) came from a happy accident. I had way too many rods of glass on my desk, but was being lazy and didn't want to put them all away. Really, who has time to sort rods when there are beads to make? So I have a BIG pile o' glass laying on my desk. I keep adding to said pile with the new glass of the day. Yesterday while I was working, suddenly a few rods rolled off the pile onto my work surface. (Don't worry, all perfectly safe... the rods were NOT hot and they rolled to a glass free area.) The colors that rolled down were transparent ink blue, opal yellow and an odd rod of lavender. DON'T THOSE COLORS LOOK SWEET TOGETHER?!? Very soft and feminine without screaming FOOTBALL at you with all the purple and yellow. (I just asked Jacob, he says the Vikings are purple & gold, I'd trust him on that.) I love it!

Cooking in the kiln already this morning are beads for "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" and "Raspberry Mocha for Mom". More names I love, lol. My name block has finally lift, YOO HOO!! The first one is an all blue on blue set of beads layering light and dark turquoises and the second was inspired by a Raspberry Mocha Frappachino I got at Starbucks last week. Think brown, ivory, and PINK! When I came in from making beads, I kinda freaked out for a second. I realized I didn't have cords in the colors I need to match these bracelets... CRAP!! So I just put in an order with Fran at and hopefully, they will all arrive early next week so I can string these fabulous things up. In the meantime... I think I will have another "earrings" day at the torch. I got lots of thumbs ups on those during the 4th o' July party the other day.

I will see if I can't get earring pics for tomorrow... stay tuned!


Kathy said...

ok Kerry,
I guess I missed the color combo blog, I must have been resally tired. Here are some combos for you.
1. red, yellow, lavender, skyblue.
2. olivegreen,purple,maroon
3. orange, maroon,peagreen
4. lavender,peachyorange,limegreen,limegreen,yellow
6. olivegreen,butterscotch,limegreen
Hope this helps you out.
I love the trapeze rivalry bracelet.

Kerry said...

The request was way back in the "Cherries & Berries" post. Everyone seems to have missed... it was all the chocolate covered goodness distracting everyone. LOL!

Thanks so much for the ideas Kathy!!

I will definitely try a few out this weekend. Right now, Dark red, light red, orange, and pink is cooking in the kiln!!

Holly said...

lime, turquoise, navy

uuuuuh, that's all I got. I think that this will be a nice combo becuase I make up my own trends every year and lime is on the top of the list in my head. ;)

Kerry said...

I love lime too!! I have rods on my desk right now (pulled 'em yesterday before I read your reply). I got transparent lime, lime, orange and just a wee bit of purple.


Jewelry and Gem Artisans said...

I have a color combo suggestion!!!
Grass green-Magenta-Orange!

Very fun pieces - love them!!!

Robyn Hawk
Jewelry & Gem Artists at:

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