Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday ANDREW!

HEY!! It is my middle kid's 8TH birthday today!! YOO HOO NANU!! We have had a party packed weekend with a 'friends' party yesterday and a 'family' party today. Everyone should be here in just a couple hours. Andrew's favorite meal is summer barbeque, so it's hots, hamburgers, and sausage on the grill. Corn on the cob, fresh summer squash, grilled green peppers and roasted potatoes. And we are topping it all off with my world famous moister then a cloud white cupcakes. Oh, and that giant present was THIS. He has been working on it since he opened it. With more then 900 pieces, I think it'll take him the rest of the summer to build!!

If you have a second, leave Andrew a comment with birthday well wishes. I will show him them all tonight before bed!!

PS... I posted a new necklace on my website.... be sure to check out "Cola Pop".


Kathy said...

Happy 8th Birthday Andrew,
Hope you have a super fantastic fun filled day today.
Your fortress will look really neat once you get it built. Maybe your mom will take a picture of it when you are finished.
Hope you get lots of great gifts today.

Cindy said...

I hope you had a TERRIFIC birthday!!! How were those yummy cupcakes? And how are you doing with your new Knight's castle? You'll get it knocked out in no time (with your brother's help too!). :-)
....from Miss Cindy (ha! I just had to add that since I AM from VA afterall!) :-)

gaby said...

Hi Andrew!
Have a great birthday! Wow, that Lego is a dream! I wish I can get one too!
Have fun!