Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Soccer Mom Season

I can't remember if I have mentioned it yet or not, but it is soccer season around here. The boys are playing together on a local park & rec team. It is the first year they are on the same team. Andrew was finally old enough to move up and it is the last year for Jacob before having to be on a travel team. Their team is the Monsoons. Games are Monday and Wednesday evening. So far, Jacob has been the star player, scoring 3 goals last Wednesday and 2 last night.

I thought Andrew deserved the photo op though. He is trying so hard! He is really fast and just loves running around after that ball on that field. Last night is was pouring and they got soaked!! This pic is from one of the games last week. It is just so fun watching them play!!

Anyway... as far as beads go... I think I will have Bead Box Beads on FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!! I already have a bunch in the kiln and sketches for a bunch more. I am going with some vintage coke-a-cola inspired colors. Dark chocolate brown, ivory and persimmon red... they looked yummy going in the kiln. We'll see how yummy they are when they come out. I think it is a very classic color combo, good for any season, but really remind me of Fall. I love Fall!!

Book Club is tonight... I can't wait! And guess what... next month, I'll be hosting!! When I host, I will be coming up with the book selections that we vote on to read for the September meeting. Post your suggestions!! I am terrible about coming up with "must read" books.

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