Sunday, July 15, 2007

Corn Hill ~ Day Two

IT'S OVER!! Corn Hill 2007 has come to an end. It went by so so fast. Today was another really successful day. I am thrilled with how well everything went. I have loads to tell... I have loads of pics, but they will have to wait for tomorrow. I am too tired to load, edit and post pictures. LOL... sorry, but I promise, they'll be up tomorrow.

Thankfully though, I am not too tired to tell you a few stories about the day.

First of all, "The Phrase of The Day"..... drum roll please.... the winner is.... Kerry Bogert saying "NO, they are NOT buttons." LOL. It seems that everyone thought the glass discs in my Playground bracelets were buttons. Which is a really cool idea, but nope... they really are all glass. LOL.. but then you blog readers already know that. I sold several of the Playgrounds but since I ended up making 15 of them, I have several still left. I am sure you all are sick of seeing "Sold Out" everywhere on my website, so I am going to work on posting new jewelry this week. Playgrounds will be one of the first to get posted!!

Second idea of the day is a new advertising slogan I am going to have to promote.... "Collect All FOUR!" Are you thinking "collect all four? what the heck is she talking about?" Well, I have post card size business cards and there are four different images on them. I had 3 different people through out the day ask if they could buy my business cards. I said "heck no... just take them" and they went on to tell me how they have my cards from last year framed in various area (like the bathroom) of their houses. So they wanted all the new ones to frame with the others!! Clever huh? Cute idea for a little powder room don't ya think? Lots of pics of brightly colored jewelry... I LOVE IT!!

Last thing I will tell you about actually isn't funny. It is really serious. I got hurt while packing up the booth. I am alright!! A little shook up because of how lucky I got and how worse it could have been. While loading the tables in the van, I wrapped a bungee cord around the tables so they wouldn't slide. One of the ends of the stretched cord snapped into my face just above my left eye, across my nose and against my chin. I have a welt the size of a goose egg, just like two year olds get when they are learning to walk. I have heard people say the phrase "I saw stars"... I thought I knew what that meant. I now know what that really means. I did truly see fireworks style stars in front of my eye. As I said, I got very very lucky. I could be in the hospital right now. It is definitely a learned lesson! I will probably never use a bungee cord again!! I am pretty sure I am going to have a gigantic bruise in the morning and there is already a cut on my nose. Ugh... oh well, what can I do? It happened... I'll be fine.

The whole smack in the face thing kinda ended the weekend on a sour note, but apart from that the weekend was spectacular!! Up next... The Clothesline Arts Festival in September!!

I'll have photos for you tomorrow.


gaby said...

Oh my Kerry!
I hope you feel better. so no ibuprofen or anything for the pain? Sigh, sometimes it is about our hurt pride! especially in front of many people!

But, on the other side, you got a really successful journey and that's what matters.

You know? about the people know it! Actually my husband said today: omg! you are all about Kerry Bogert's style!

That business card fashion shows you how you are leading jewelry trends.

Holly said...


So glad to hear that it all went well. I don't like to be the one to say I told you so....

And no more bungee cords for you! Talk about close calls.