Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Sun

This has got to be one of the most picture perfect days ever. You couldn't ask for a nicer day. It is sunny, it's breezey and cool while still warm in the sun. We are chillin' on the deck, just relaxing.

I spent several hours first thing this morning on the torch. I have the beads for THREE more Playground Bracelets in the kiln. There is one in black & raku, purple & orange, and a lime/turquoise/orange one. Plus a bunch of beads for beaded pens. It'll be a few more hours before I can open the kiln and get those goodies out. The only thing stopping me from making more beads was that I ran out of mandrels. I seem to be on a disc kick again! I am just gonna keep riding the Playground disc wave right to the shore, lol. Goodness knows, you can never have too much inventory at an art show.

Alrighty, today's bracelets. Up top there is "Raspberry Mocha for Mom". What Mom wouldn't love to set on a park bench with a cool crisp Raspberry Mocha Frappachino while she watches the kids play? I got the colors for this straight from the source. I had one of those signature summer drinks last week. LOL. It was just like this bracelet!! Mocha blended coffee that was a swirl of brown goodness... topped with whip cream and drizzles with raspberry syrup. Heaven, I tell ya!!

Down below here is "Afternoon Sun". The best time on a playground is in the afternoon sun, am I right? So this one is a mix of transparent fuchsia pink, coral orange, light persimmon red and dark candy red. A fiery piece of bling indeed!! I love it. Red is a hard color to wear, but I know red lovers... they are hard core color enthusiasts. Watch out!

And just cause they look so nice lined up....

Time for another dip in the pool. Still haven't taken earring pics yet, maybe tomorrow! We set up the tent and I think they kids are gonna have a sleep out. We have marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for a bonfire and s'mores too!! Should be FUN!


Kathy said...

scrumptious, truely scrumptious
that's what those playground braelets are.
I predict they will sell quickly at your Art festival next weekend.

Kerry said...

I think they will too Kathy... at least I hope they will!! I am going to try to have at least a dozen of them. I have 8 or 9 right now. And I list of color combos for 5 more. I hope I can keep the momentum going and get them done!

gaby said...

Wow, those bracelets put together are really a torture because they are so, so beautiful!
Thanks for posting them!

Kerry said...

Thanks Gaby... what till you see the picture with a dozen of them lined up!!