Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I am finding it really hard to turn off my brain! I have been in "show" mode for so long, that I can't seem to make the switch to relaxing for a while. I guess that is good. I am trying not to do jewelry and bead things. Really I am. I actually have a realtor coming over in a little while to do a walk through on my house. We are thinking of moving and need to get an idea on the value of our home. So I have been cleaning my brains out! But even that isn't keeping me distracted from jewelry.

You know, I think it was all the cleaning that did me in. I love a tidy work space and seeing all that empty bead free area just set me heart a twitter. I couldn't help but start to play with my beads and things. In this new necklace, "Festivity", I had this giant paper clip chain on my desk for ages. I got it about a year ago at http://www.beadshop.com/. I haven't used it until now for several reasons. 1) It was kinda thin and flimsy-er then I thought it would be so I was worried about the weight of beads bending it, 2) I kept thinking I wanted to weave something in and out of the giant paper clips but couldn't decide between seed beads or cording, and 3) I kept messing up my desk so much that I would lose where I put the chain and you know the saying... "outta sight, outta mind".

So, anyway, today my desk is spotless and I am sitting there, wishing there was something I could be making when all of a sudden, I see my paper clip chain hanging out of my light stand tray. I pull it out and start to hold it, bend it, play with it. (You jewelry makers know how that goes.) I start to roll ideas around in my head. Cord... seed beads... cord... seed beads... ugh. Then... wait a minute!! That other chain I have, the tiny one I use with some of the lariats!! That'll do the trick!! I wove the rolo chain in and out of the paper clip chain, tied them together with a wrapped loop and then though.... "NOW WHAT?"

I had a pile of loose beads (actually three piles) on my desk. I shouldn't say loose, they are in little tubs. Kinda sorted into... usable... what was I thinking... and don't use. I just started pulling beads out left and right. The majority of what I have laying around is rings and discs so that it what you'll find clustered up in this new piece.

I LOVE IT! It is bold and full of color. The weight of it is perfect. It is substantial with out being heavy. I love how it comes to a "V". It is a little asymmetrical too, which I think is really cool. Sometimes you just gotta tell your inner OCD patient to shut up and let things not be perfect all the time. I think I am gonna have to do these more often when I have bead piles laying around full of beads I think I can't use.

In other news... I was able to post a bunch of my Lampwork & Wire bracelets today. Go pop into my website and check them out!! I am planning on posting necklaces (including this one) tomorrow with earrings to come of Thursday and Friday.

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