Sunday, July 08, 2007

Watch for Flying Wire

Ron commented the other day, after seeing yet another batch of Playground bracelets, "don't you do wire anymore?" I have had a couple of sets of beads on my desk for a while now just waiting to be wired up. After hours on the torch this morning, I decided this afternoon was going to be all about the wire.

I came up with a new wire link that I am really happy with. You can see it up close in the photo below. It is a twist on basic wire wrapped loop design. Some of the beads you may recognize from an old Bead Box Buyables update a couple months ago. I made large loops on the end links and they ran a wrapped section of wire through those loops. Voila! New link/clasp. I like it because it conforms so nice to your wrist. It makes the beads stay on top and the transition area where you go from beads to wire is right on the outsides of your wrist. Anther great thing... easy to size! If you need it short, open the ovals into circles and it is shorter. You need it a little longer, pinch the ovals and it lengthens. Love it!

I am still beading my brains out to make Playgrounds too. There are beads for 3 new ones in the kiln and the three that came out of the kiln yesterday ROCK! They are "Conney Island Carousel", "Monkey Bar Business" and this one "Wild Child"...

"Wild Child" is my new favorite. This is one you GOTTA see in person!! I used only black, raku and clear. When the sun hits that raku you can see all sorts of blues, greens and even purples. It is gorgeous! (even if I do say so myself)In the kiln right now is a black&white one I think I will call "High Class Nannies". A ivory, dark brown, and opal yellow one I think is going to be "Sandbox Bully". And then there is a lavender/lime/orange one that still needs a name. I'll let you know how they turn out.

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