Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Kester Gang Reunion

After the tense week with the kids, the past few days have been a really wonderful retreat into some fabulously relaxing time. Friday was just plain great and I work up bright an early yesterday to race over to Target. I was there by 8:15am getting my copy of HP7: The Deathly Hallows. I spent the entire day reading and finished the book up this morning. Anyone else read it? Did you beat my 757pages in under 24 hours record!?! I loved the book. I cried several times, lol. I am such an emotion reader. I am sad to see the series end. But can't wait for the last two movies now!! Book Club gals are gonna be disappointed that I chose Harry over The Elegant Gathering of White Snows... but really can you blame me? Feel free to post your reviews of the book if you finished it. My favorite part was Harry & Dumbledore in Kings Cross Station.

I haven't made beads in what feels like ages. I am warming up the kiln as I type for some evening time at the torch. We spent most of the day at our annual "Kester Gang Reunion"! Do remember my post from last year... HERE? I excited to say for the first time ever... RON & I WON THE WATER BALLOON TOSS!! YOO HOOO!!! And it was fun seeing my 20somethings cousins having a hula-hooping contest and everyone using a gigantic plastic golf club and ball in a closest to the pin contest!! There were peanut pick up games and three legged races too. Loads of fantastic food and a great time all around. I think Aunt Ruth is goon host next year!

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