Monday, July 09, 2007

Inventory Time

I think I should start this post with a warning.... it's hot, I am miserable, tired and cranky. It is a condition no one should blog in, but I don't see my mood or the temperature changing in the next couple hours. So, I am saying heck with it... and I am just gonna blog while moody. There, you have been warned, lol.

Last night I sat down with a piece of paper and created a daily "To-Do" list for the next five days leading up to this weekend's big show. Already, wrenches are being thrown around everywhere and my plans are changing, but it is definitely getting done. Today has just been nutty!! Jacob started a "Graphic Novel" writing camp at the library which means loads of running back and forth to the library and little "continuous" time working. Not that my work time is very continuous during the week while kids are home and Ron is at work anyway. But you can really get a lot more done when you don't' have to have everyone out of their pjs by 9am as opposed to when the opposite (my favorite, pjs all day) happens. I am grumbling, aren't I. You were warned, lol.

Anyway, I did take a little time this afternoon to step back and take stock of just where I am at in the jewelry department. You can see all I have in the slide show above! Sorry about the really crappy photos, but you'll have to settle, I took them quick. What is in the photos is pretty much everything I have. Except for a few neck wires I know are hiding in my big jewelry carrying case and some spare earrings. I haven't decided yet if it is "enough". LOL! It is loads more then I took with me last year, but I still feel unprepared. I think I will always feel unprepared. It is always so hard to judge. I would love to hear your feedback, especially if you are an artist that attends shows yourself. How much do you bring? More then this, or less? I would love to know!

Below here are the Playgrounds from the past few days. From left to right they are: "Wild Child", "Monkey Bar Business", "Conney Island Carousel", "Girls Rule, Boys Drool", "Sandbox Bully", "High Class Nannies" and "Imaginary Friends". Wow that is a lot of names!! Hmmmm... I wonder if I will have the energy to do anymore this week... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


gaby said...

You were right! Those bracelets together are superb!
I love the pinky ones more than anything, but that raku one is just awesome!

Wow, that's loads of time and glass! I wish I could be there for the festival!

I know you will sell them faster than a blink!

Carmen said...

I love everything!! How can you be in a bad mood with all your beautiful creations??? Stunning, good luck!