Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bogey Boys ROCK

YOO HOOOOO!! We just got home from a sensational soccer game!! Jacob scored FOUR goals and Andrew scored TWO... YEE HAW!! It was a blow out game with a score of 11 to 2.

The game was kinda bittersweet. It was Jacob's last soccer game for a while. Football starts on Monday and with four night a week practices, he won't be playing soccer. After tonight's game we went and picked up all his gear. It is just wild all the stuff that goes into football. What the heck does an 9 yr old need a griddle for?!?! I had to have a lesson from a guy who turned out to be the vice president of the football league. There are knee pads, thigh pads, hip pads, tail guard, shoulder pads, pants, cups, jerseys, helmet, mouth guard.... it is just insane!! But you should have seen the grin on that boys face! He is just so excited to start.

I have a rather nice collection of beads started for Friday. Four sets so far that I am really happy with. I hope to get 3-4 more sets made between tonight and tomorrow.

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Cindy said...

These pictures of your boys are just so cute! Such athletes ~ I know you're the proud mama! :-)