Monday, July 30, 2007

Funk - Defined

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes for Andrew yesterday! He thought it was really cool. The day was great and Andrew now has more Legos then he could every build. It seems it was a lego themed year.

Okay... on to slightly more serious things. Anyone know what a 'funk' is? Well, for me, it's a moody uninspired down time that feels bleak and never ending. These usually happen after a big build up to something (aka - that show a few weeks ago). And these funks usually last a week or two and resolve themselves.

I feel like I have been in this funk for too long. It doesn't seem to be resolving itself. I think knowing that I am in a funk is the first step in over coming the funk. But it still doesn't solve the problem at hand. I am bored, I am uninspired, I am over tired and I am totally unmotivated to create. Add to that everyday comings and goings of life and I think it is a recipe for creative disaster!

So, here is the plan I came up with today. My next show is in about 4 weeks. I need to get these funk outta here and here is how I am gonna do it... I am taking a few day creative hiatus. Yeah, that is RIGHT! I AM NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING BEAD RELATED FOR A FEW DAYS!!

Last night I put in a big order for a bunch of PMC stuff. I am excited (well sort of excited, it is a funk remember, I am only sorta excited) for it to arrive and I have lots of ideas of what to make with it. I am going to work on 'other' things creative until it arrives. And I already got started! I decided I am in the mood to paint. I have a desk in my studio that I use for teaching. It is a simple wood table. And now it is getting a make over! I'll have photos of it for you tomorrow. (In process photos, not finished, I am not that fast a painter.) I am going to make it match my directors chairs. And I think me and the kids will hit some garage sales later this week and look for some mixed matched chairs to go with it.

I also think I'll sew myself a new bag or clutch... maybe I'll get my book club book read too. Anything that keeps me away from the beads and jewelry for a few days. I know that will give me time to 'miss' it and then, hopefully, my funk will wear off and I can get back to kicking butt at jewelry making. (And I don't have a choice about it... I gotta get ready for another show!!)

I hope you will keep coming back and reading what I am up to. I know my funk it invading my blog posts. I am out of funny, witty, humorous things to say. But, I'll get my groove back... really I will.... sooner or later!

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