Sunday, October 01, 2006

Critic's Corner

YYYYaaaawwwwnnnnnn.... my goodness I am tired. It is a little after 8am and my coffee is dripping and my nose is sniffing. LOL. It went down in the 40s last night and dang it was cold in the house. I didn't notice because I was curled up warm in my blankets. I always know the night before was cold by how warm I am under the blankets. If my eyes won't open and my legs won't move for fear of fitting a cold spot in the blankets, I know it was cold. All that cuddily sleep just makes me more tired though. Shouldn't be too big a deal today, I have no plans, I can just take a nap. lol.

I made a few beads yesterday. I was testing the spree shape of the Ghost beads. Still need to experiment some more. The spree shape is a lot hard to get just the right amount of glass in. Just gotta practice and find that magic amount. I also made two new knobs for the commission. I haven't updated the knob page on my site in a while, maybe I will do that today. I only have two left to make and I am done! It has been so cool making all these. I can't wait to see the photos of the kitchen. Today's pictures are of knobs 28, 29 & 30. Fun bright imaginative knobs!

Yesterday was also Andrew's soccer game. AND HE SCORED A GOAL! YOO HOO ANDREW!! I am a little perterbed with the coach though. There are a lot of kids on the team so there is a lot of substituting and turn taking which is fine. But he pulled Andrew off offense in the middle of his turn. Andrew was so upset. Offense is his favorite. I didn't say anything though, we will see how next weekend goes. Maybe coach was having a bad day.

After that was when I made beads then listed the new beads on Ebay. I set them up to start last night. You can see "An Artist's Ghost" HERE! I decided to start the auction higher then I usually do. Sorry. I just can't chance them going in for any less. If they sell, AWESOME! If they don't, you know I got ideas for stuff to make with them.

As if that wasn't an eventful enough day, my sister and I went out to a movie yesterday evening. We hit the 5 o'clock matinee of The Illusionist . Yeah, had to go to the early show because OMG it is like $8.75 for a evening showing. That is just tooo much. Greedy cinemas. Anyway, the movie was okay. The visual effects were wonderful and the period feel of the movie was great. Unfortunaly, the story line was very very predictable. So, in my opinion, wait for the DVD at Blockbuster. Hopefully The Prestige will be better. It is always lovely to spend a few hours with Hugh Jackman.

Ron is making crepes this morning for me for breakfast. And then I am hitting the torch for the last two knobs. Check ya later!

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