Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bored to Tears

Check out last nights bangle beads. I can't seem to pull myself away from turquoise and purple. I just love it. I played a bit with layering dots again, this time with a little kaleidoscope effect mixed in. Check out the first on the left in the photo when you click on it. It's my favorite.

I am sneaking this post in while I am waiting for the enchilads to be done in the oven. Ron is at class. It is his last night of the semester. Technically this is "finals" week but he is doing a presentation of the database he created for my business. I am anxious to hear how he did!

Wondering what my kids are up to? Well, Jacob is in his room. He was literally bored to tears this afternoon. It seems having a paved driveway that you can't play on is just too much to handle. When he gets like that, he gets mean. So when I told him I wasn't going to give him a new brother that liked to play sports more then Andrew, he said he hated me, and I said go to your room. He'll be out when dinner is ready. Man nine is a rough age. He wants to be so independant. We both need to find some middle ground. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Andrew and Lauren are having fun making "Monster Books". What are monster books? We'll they sneak into my room , get a spiral bound notebook out of my school supplies box and draw loads of different monsters. I like Andrew's 10-eyed heart stick monster best right now, lol.

I got another batch of beads made today while Lauren was at school. I went with Black & White again. I thought it was the best way to go since I sold out of all the b&w stuff on Saturday. I am still undecided as to which colors I will use tonight after Ron gets home, when I am out there beading again. But I saw this really COOL IMAGE of yarn on a knitting website and I am LOVING these colors! Hmmm... good ideas!


Chrissie said...

Hi Kerry! I am loving those bangles! Especially the purple and turquiose...awesome color combo. I hope your show goes well this weekend! Good Luck! ~Chrissie

Deedee said...

Kerry...the new bangles are great. I really like the beads in the first 2 bracelets. The layered dots are very cool and the clear green beads in the second bracelet with the black lines are really neat. Good luck with the show. I don't know how you get it all done!You must be superwoman!