Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday evening

What a crappy blogger I have been lately. Sorry gang! Tis the season for the crazy and lazy. It seems if I am not getting ready for a show, then I am at a party, teaching or beading my brains out. It was great just relaxing this past weekend. I told you about my Thurs, Friday and Saturday... yesterday was my friend's brithday party. Which went great. Julie is just awesome and very much a big sister/great girlfriend. She had a wonderful location at Lake Ontario, a place called "The White House". I got there early and helped set up. Julie had a great idea to do a wine tasting at the party. She picked out a dozen wines from all over the world for every one to try. It was a catered by a local Italian resturant, so needless to say the food was killer. I ended up staying late and helping clean up too. By the time I got home I was toooooo tired to update my lowly blog, sorry.

I have several sets of beads already for you gals to go after tomorrow!! So till then :)

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