Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cranberries & Cinnamon

Yesterday's lunch with Bonnie went very well. She decided she wanted to go out for fish fries so that is just what we did. Afterwards, we decided to hit Old Navy for some birthday-gift-card shopping. Bonnie, unfortunately, came out empty handed. She couldn't find a thing she liked. Lauren, however, was decked out with a whole new outfit. We found a cool pair of cowgirl boots on clearance and a cute newsies style hat. Plus, a sweet pair of striped tights. I loved the colors in the striped tights and was thinking... they'd make cool beads.

When I got home, sitting on my kitchen counter was a catalog from Pier One that I had saved as inspiration. Hmmm... same colors as Lauren's tights! It seems I have dark red, purple, and pink on my mind... I grabbed my sketch book this morning and that Pier One catalog. I pulled out inspiring shots of wine glasses, paper napkins, and wrapping papers. I drew awesome ideas for beads and I am all set to get started blazing at the torch. I think these alternative Christmas colors are going to make some fantastic beads (if I do them right)!!! I am so excited. Ron should be home from work any minute (half day for him & the kids) and I already have the kiln waiting for me. If all goes well, I should have Bead Box Beads galore.

Anyone actually go all out and decorate your home with crazy tendy seasonal stuff like this? I wish I could deck my halls with pretty Pier One goodies but alas... I am too traditional. I am still using all the stuff Ron and I bought together our first Christmas. Plus the new ornaments the kids bring home from school each year. Maybe someday, when we have a new BIGGER house, I'll get to go all out with the decor. Right now I just don't have the storage space for lots of boxes filled with Christmas stuff. We seem to have a mini heat wave apon us right now with temps in the 60s for the next 5 days. I think I will take this oppertunity to twist Ron's arm into hanging our Christmas lights on the house. Who wants to hang lights in a blizzard, really now? Gotta get 'em up while the weather is willing!

I updated the bracelets page with all the "Fallish" new bracelets left from the past two shows. I have one or two more around the house that didn't get photographed, but it is a big new batch for now. I still need to update earrings, lariats (once I decide where to stick them) and neckwires/bangles. Once everything is current, I will work on updating that "Sold Items" page. Lots to do huh.

Alighty... what ya all got planned for tomorrow? We are heading over to my Mom's for dinner. She hasn't had a holiday at her house in a while so it should be a good time. She is making some new things too. I'll let you know how the Pumpkin Cheesecake turns out. We'll be bringing over appetizers and candied carrots. Even though my Dad hates cooked carrots. He can eat the squash, right. LOL. So it'll be our gang with my parents and Bonnie too.

Have a wonderfully HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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