Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My spooks

OOoooo... what a scary bunch of characters my kids were last night! At last minute, Lauren decided to do away with a the fairy costume and go back to her original ghost idea. I threw together a little something for her and she looked great! We had so much fun last night. There is a giant bag of candy now residing on the top of the fridge. I will be spending every moment until the bag is empty trying my darndest not to eat it all. I am a true chocoholic! This candy temptation is aweful.

Check out this cool front yard. I told ya my Mom's neighborhood is kid friendly! The woman who did this yard will now spend the next 6 weeks putting literally hundreds of lights in her yard for the Christmas. She lights up the whole neighborhood, I am talking Griswold Family Christmas style lights. The area where my parents are is beautiful wooded, which leads to loads of leaves! Look at the size of this one pile. Every street was lined with piles this big and bigger. I know it takes my Mom hours to blow all the leaves out of her front yard. She barely makes a dent.

Here is the first set of wine stopper beads. I am not jumping up and down over them, but I think they are alright. I need to ask some questions of the experts over at wetcanvas to see why my etching solution is streaking. Hmmm.... weird. Anyway, I used these same colors this afternoon to work on bangle beads and some more bracelets. I will be sure and share photos of what I come up with!

I need your help again people... I need some color combo ideas. I am in a bit of a bright and wild color mood but I am thinking that is only me. Give me some ideas! What should I work with tomorrow? I have just NINE days to get ready for next weekend's open house! So I could use every suggestion you could give me!!

I have to add, I have tried at least ten times today to update this blog... grrrrr. I tried posting all these great pics at 10:00 this morning, and it's now after 7pm! Frustrating!!! Hopefully tomorrow's post is easier.


Merideth said...

Color combos:
Black & Pink, Holiday colors, Blue & Silver, Green, brown & orange, pink & orange, blue & green, Love your Raku frit w/ black - always a huge hit!, also your set colors of 'copper courtyard'and 'silent cinema' was sweet too - good for the fall and winter. Maybe blue & white for some winter ideas - blue base with white 'sparkle' top like the 'splatter' ones in your bead box. Hope this helps!

Chrissie said...

I really like the wine stopper and the beads for the bangles are the perfect combo of earthy and bright colors. As for color about orange, red and a little purple on top...Our folage is going fast around here so we won't have the wonderful fall colors much longer...what about orange and green with black peaking through like tree branches? If you're really in the mood for Christmas you can always do candy cane colors!

Anonymous said...

Your kids look great. We had a great time in our neighborhood this year too.

Be safe...

Lori said...

oh I love the wine stoppers.
all the suggestions are great
man does your son look like harry potter
sounds like the perfect night and I know all about the tempting chocolate