Friday, November 03, 2006

Hawiian Sunset in the Snow

I don't have any new jewelry to show you today... can you believe it? Not for lack of trying though, that's for sure. I made beads yesterday the minute Ron came in the door from work. I was all "Hey Honey... gotta go" and he was wonderful enough to put together dinner, keep the kids in line and not totally trash the house. I was so thankfull. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked (when do I ever get as much done as I would like, really now, come on). But it is my own fault that I didn't get more done. I was doing beads that were taking a long time.

The first photo is of beads that were really pretty easy. I used Hawiian Sunset Frit (crushed glass) rolled in white. Simple enough. I picked that frit because it is all pinks, oranges & browns... a whole lotta fall in one frit. The photo is very misleading though. Those beads are BIG! At least a half inch round each. I have a pretty cool idea in mind for them which will combine with that secret book I got yesterday. You are just going to have to stick around to find out the big secret. Oh don't get too worked up, it isn't that exciting but I think it is pretty cool.

Now these ones... they took time! I started with a teeny tiny white bead, rolled it in the frit the encased it in clear. I mashed it in to it's lentil shape then took a tool and dragged the glass around and around. The colors all mixed and blended, but the cool thing is the clear... you can see the layers of swirls laying on top of each other. I took a close up to show you what I mean.

Pretty cool huh? I showed these to Jacob before school this morning and he said they reminded him of the rings around Saturn. So I am going to call whatever they turn into "Planet Rings". They will probably be turned into a simple wrapped loop linked bracelet, but I may change my mind at last minute. I'll show you photos of whatever I end up doing.

While Lauren was at school today (which is is loving every minute of by the way, I am so happy I switched schools) I stayed with these colors. I made beads for bangles and neckwires, plus enough for a few other bracelets too (what till you see my attempt at spree mod dot beads). I just love these colors. My desk was so lush with transparent browns, coraly oranges, deep reds and crisp white. Makes me want to grab a sweater and go for a walk. Speaking of which... IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT WHILE I WAS MAKING BEADS!!!! The first flakes of the year! Ron came out to tell me while I was working, he turned on the porch light for me so I could watch it while I was making beads. Nothing stuck, but you know it will sooner or later.

So... for tomorrow I am thinking I am going to do black, white and red stuff. Everyone always wants black and white. Plus some red stuff for the holidays too. Red is so hard for me to work with. It is one of my least favorite colors and nothing really goes with it. I might just do a bunch of solid red beads with swirls of clear. You'll have to look close to see the clear, but I think it'll give it a cool look. Then I am still up in the air for Sunday's colors. Maybe I'll go bright again with really summery blues & greens. I also have an idea for striped copper beads...hmmmm.

Oh, before I forget... I could use some help. Or rather, Ron could use some help. You all know Ron is in school working on his Master's right? Well the class he is in right now is a Database class. Where he is learning to build just that, databases. Well, for his big huge final grade class project, he decided to build Kab's Concepts a database. He is making all sorts of tables and screens. I will have all my customer information in one place, I will be able to keep a complete inventory of my jewelry, he is creating a cost calculator that will price jewelry for me based on what's in it, it'll have suppliers all listed with contact info and what I order from them and I can create invoices with it too. So here is where you come in, I need data to input for him. I could go through old Paypal receipts (and I probably will anyway) but it would be so much easier if you all could shoot me an email with some "Data".

Here is what I want: Name, Address (city/st&zip too), Email Address, Phone #, the last time you purchased something from me (if you remember), Any comments (ex: you really like spree beads & purple) and if you want to be on my Email List &/or Mailing List.

This is totally voluntary, you don't have to if you don't want to. I can "make up" people and info if I want. Anytime I have this weekend that I am not spending beading, I'll be spending inputting data. I have to dig out reciepts for things like swarovskis, sterling wire, my mykonos beads, and stuff like that. Should be a great tool though once it's done!

Alright, enough babbling... I got stuff to do. See ya'll tomorrow!

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