Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conferenced In

I couldn't remember if I showed you what became of the "Rainy" beads from last week. If it is a repeat photo just blame it on my over tiredness, lol. I have another batch of bangles to show you too, but I am saving those for tomorrow. As for this bracelet, I love it and it is getting a very special home. It is going to one of my book club pals. Here Mom (who is also in book club) asked me to make something just for her. When I put the finishing touches on this I knew it was the one for her. Her husband is a painter so the droplets of what looks like paint are perfect.
I totally forgot that I am teaching a new class tonight!! This time it's "GET HOOKED" an intro to wire earrings. Hmmm, I almost forgot I knew how to make wire earrings, lol. It'll be a couple hours of playign with styles and shapes. Should be fun! And I am working on the winter schedule too. That should be on the Studio's website in just a few weeks. Speaking of the studio, they are havin a big huge OPEN HOUSE the first weekend of Dec. They asked if I would participate but I am just to fried. I need a break. But, if you are in the Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse area, you should stop out! Go to for more info and directions to the studio.
Today was parent-teacher conferences. Anyone else got those going on right now? Jacob is going great, he sailed through the first semester of 4th grade with 5 As and 1 B. GO JACOB! Andrew is doing awesome too. He has always struggled with reading and writting but this year he is a writting fool. He has earned a bunch of "smarty pants beads" for good writing. I am so proud!!
All righty... gotta dash... it's pouring so I need to leave for class early. I'll be back tomorrow to share that latest bangles with you :)

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Sarebear said...

We had SEP (student/educator/parent) conferences early last week. She's doing great in most areas, although she does have an IEP in math, which is an area she struggles in a bit. She is SO BRIGHT though! They said she has a mind like a trap! They mean that in a good way, although it keeps them on their toes . . . lol!

I LOVE the mod look of these beads! I may have to (if you take orders) order some sometime in a different color combo, and maybe a different shape! Alas, that'd be a ways off, but I ADORE this look!

Yay for smarty pants beads. My dd's 8th birthday just got over with, so all the hooopla around that is more than enough (no extra rewards needed; plus, in our religion, children get baptized at 8 years old, so there was alot of extra special things and gatherings going on around this birthday! Whew, am I glad all the organizing/arrangements and events for all THAT are over!)

Guess that was a mini update on me/dd, but you did ask about SEP's! I sort of went on there tho, too much . . .