Friday, November 10, 2006

Nine & Fine

As promised, this is what my little man looked like at 11 months old. He was such a cutie. I dug through loads of old photos to find a good one. Man has technology changed. Compare the photos of Jacob as an infant with those of Lauren as an infant and they look like completely different decades, though it's only a few years different. But it was fun getting to go through my old boxes of photos. I really should get a scanner though, this is a digital photo of the photo sitting on my kitchen table.

Pulling out Jacob's photo reminded me that I never shared one of Andrew's baby pics. So here is one of him at just about a year old. Andrew had a smiggen more hair then the q-ball Jacob up there and HUGE feet. LOL. I had such sute kiddies.

Well, the party is about to begin so I have to dash. We are having a small family party and Jacob is having his best friend over for a sleep over. FUN! I will back tomorrow with SHOW PHOTOS!!

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