Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Even More New Stuff...

Ya know, I wasn't gonna do an update today. It has been a long day and I am super tired, again. But then I checked my email and had a wonderful note asking me to keep sharing all the new stuff. So, after dinner, I took a bunch of fresh photos and here you go... another bunch of new stuff to show.

This morning was a bit crazy, I had a 9 o'clock dentist appointment when the boys get on the bus at 8:30. I had Ron stay home to get the boys on and I ran Lauren to my Mom's. After my baking soda facial/teeth cleaning, lol, I headed back home to fire up the kiln. Mom kept Lauren for the day for me, THANKS MOM... and I made beads for hours. I got enough from several bangles and a few lariats too.

After the torch time, I went to town assembling new jewelry which leads me to today's show & tell. The top photo is new beads called "Rainy". You can't see it really well but when you put transparent aqua on ivory it turns a swapy green. I love that reaction... I don't know why it happens, I just know it happens. I layered on mre ivory and turquoise for a cool Mod Dot/Dripping Water look. I wish you could see those in person. Because where there is opaques on the transparent aqua it is as if you are looking inside the beads, it is really cool.

I did manage to make that bangle I mentioned yesterday, although I have yet to come up with a new name for it. Suggestions are welcome. This one is by far my new favorite bangle! It is awesome on! I am talking really really sweet and sparkly.

This little number ended up a little too little, lol. I need to remake it with one more bead. It turned out tooo tiny. But I like it alot because of the round and square contrasts. I used big square silver ceramic beads with the very round sprees. I think they offset each other really well. Again, nameless... feel free to suggest!

This one is called "Shooting Stars". And it is a close second as my new favorite. I made very basic black ovals, then took pure silver wire and while the bead was hot I used pliers to wrap the wire around the bead. In spots the wire "balled" up and gave a twinkling star look to the surface. The beads are sooo pretty. I LOVE SILVER! I made earrings to match and there will be a sparkling lariat too. I may even do a full necklace like this too, but not until next week.

I was up in the air for a while about what to do with these. I decided to let the beads do the talking. So, I give you "Saturn Rings"...

I have been working on my cording pieces more too. I wasn't happy with the bracelet "Warm Holidays" from a few weeks back. It just wouldn't lay right so... I reused the beads with a bronze cording. The photo looks aweful, the colors really look much better together in person. I am much happier with the results now.

This was another "rework". I while ago I made a necklace and bracelet set called "Mermaid Rain". The necklace sold instantly but the bracelet has stuck around a while. I took it apart and reworked it with a wonderful rich blue cord. I left the space between the knots bigger so the beads could move and slide. I think it looks great now!

There you go... I still have loads more to make in the next few days. I will try and update everyday with more pics. Something is going on with my camera or lighting or something... the pics just aren't how I want them to be. I am going to need to send Ron on a camera hunt... good Christmas idea.

The kids are glued to CARS right now, so I am going to go check on the morning beads and maybe make a few more. I need more neckwire beads :)

Be back again tomorrow!


Cindy said...

I couldn't wait to check back to your site to see if you added any more beauties and you didn't let me down! Thanks for taking the time to photograph and upload these beautiful pieces! My favorite is the Stars bracelet. They are all stunning!

Lori said...

Thank you kerry.
everything is amazing and I love everything!!!

Chrissie said...

Wow! Beautiful stuff Kerry! I can't decide which one is my favorite...I think the black beads with the silver though :) I also like the ones with the cord; the one with the "rain" beads is very unique. Thank you for sharing them with us!