Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pillows & Bubbles

More new jewelry! Check out what I made today... first is yet another lariat... I seem to be on a lariat kick lately, I love 'em. This one is made with funky pulled pillow beads. It is hard to tell but the dots are actually slightly raised so there is a lot of texture to the beads. I had fun making some "bubble" beads too and hung them off the bottom. A bubble bead is a simple round bead with a giant dot. I am talking HUGE! It looks like a big bubble on it. I have seen them loads of places. So it is hard to narrow down where I saw them first. I am thinking I saw Debi's at The Artisan Nook's first. She makes them with lots and lots of bubbles. I actually made about a dozen of them. I slide a few on a bangle wire and think it looks sweet...

I love aqua, teal and ink together. It is one of my most favorite color combos. I thought I made more rounds then I actually ended up with. But, there were enough for a few other bangles. I was making beads for an order that used copper green so I added just a bit of copper here and there. I have showed you before that etched copper is gorgeous! So all those were etched today. I think the copper green made this usually summer color combo feel a lot warmer and more fallish, don't you?

Last, but not least... a simple pendant. I usally like to have at least 2 dozen pendants on hand at a show. So, one down, 23 to go, lol. I thought this one looked a little butterflish. Bright and FUN! I ordered the sterling silver box chains from Fire Mountain Gems, I love 'em.

So besides cleaning these beads and making this jewelry, Lauren and I spent the day shopping. I got a new book from Barnes & Noble, that I am saving to tell you about later. And we found some SWEET deals at Old Navy. Lauren has a fab new winter coat that is gray and pink for only $8.40!! Talk about a good deal. I am waiting for Ron to get home from work. I am anxious to get to the torch before dinner. I am thinking I can get a few hours in before dinner, homework and Survivor! I am still not sure what colors I want to play with but I am thinking... ruby red. I let you know how it goes.

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