Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Super BonBon


Today, in case you couldn't figure it out, is my sister Bonnie's birthday. She is a ripe old 26. And she is single. If you know any handsome, 25-35yr old, tall, down to earth, single, car loving, that's into music, with a good job, that live in the Rochester area guys, set the girl up! Jacob and Andrew are desparate for Aunt Bonnie to have cousins, lol. My Mom, Lauren and I will be taking her out to lunch. And maybe I can finally convince her to cut my hair. I have been begging her for days. It is time for a change. I haven't had my hair cut or colored in over 6 months. I finally found THE CUT I want, and she is the only one I will let do it. I want to chop it all off and highlight it blond. Wild HUH? See, Bonnie used to be a hairdresser that specialized in coloring. This photo, which she will probably complain about me posting, was at Andrew's birthday party a few years ago. Hard to imagine that her hair is as curly as Lauren's huh. She straigten's it everyday. It's an endless battle... curly haired people want straight hair... straight haired people want it curly. It's a no win situation. Just have to come to terms with your hair and deal with it, lol.

Well, on the agenda for today is... lunch and maybe some beads. I haven't been at the torch since Thursday and I am already itching to start. I have a couple special orders to work on... I promised some reds... I have bead box ideas... I want to do an ode to my favorite Starbucks Christmas flavor coffee "Peppermint Mocha"... I am dying to do a spree shaped "Artist's Ghost" set... the list is just endless! The bead making will have to wait until Ron gets home from work so, I will work on photographing jewelry this afternoon. Watch for new pics :)

FREE BEADS WINNER!! Drum roll please.... CINDI H!! Congrats to Cindi! YOO HOO!! I will get a fresh batch of beads posted later today. Thanks everyone for your on going support of my website, beads and jewelry! I love ya gang!

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