Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just Ridiculous

Here is one of those things to post under "kids say the darndest things"...

Last night when the kids went to bed, Lauren decided she wanted to sleep in Andrew's bed. I said fine because Ron and I were desperately trying to watch a movie. We would have done anything for a little bit of quiet. Naturally, it was anything but quiet. We had the movie paused and we listened to the most hilarious exchange between Andrew and Lauren.

Andrew: This side is your side, this side is mine

Lauren: This is your side and this is your side

Andrew: Nooo this is your side this is my side

Lauren: This is my side and this is mine

Andrew: Nooooooooo this side is your side and this side is my side


I tell you Ron and I started laughing so hard we nearly peed our pants. Or at least I almost peed my pants. I had my knees pinned together tight, and I was wheezing for air trying to catch my breath. Okay, maybe you had to be there. But, you have to remember Lauren is just 3 yrs old and in speech therapy. So for a sentence like that to fly out clear as a bell, it is just unheard of. She was just so frustrated, it was funny for us and infuriating for her. She said it at least 3 more times, getting madder and madder at Andrew until she realized she was saying something funny. Now she knows, thinks its cute, and says it all the time. Now it's annoying. But yesterday... FUNNY FUNNY!!

So, I didn't get anything done today but running those errands I didn't get to yesterday. Lets see if I can come up with anything new for the weekend.

Oh... Free Beads Winner.... CONGRATS TO MARYLOU E!!!! Yoo HOOOOO!!! I'll get the new beads posted asap.

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