Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Alrighty, the new beads are up! Let me know what you think!!

Lauren and I never ended up getting out to run our errands. My Aunt Helen came by with a couple of my little cousins (John & Eve) for a visit. Helen is Jacob's godmother and had been wanting to stop by for a while with a belated birthday gift for him. It was great getting to sit and visit with another Mom. I really don't get to do it enough. Plus Lauren and Eve are just 8 months apart so they got to play together. It was great!

Something has got to change with my camera or lighting situation. I am starting to pull my hair out. I would have had those beads posted an hour earlier if my camera was taking better pictures!! GGGRrrrrr. I just can't seem to catch the colors right in the final photos. For example, the "Wrapping Paper" beads, the brown in that bead on the end is a rich dark red brown... it looks almost black in the photos. I am going to have me a chat with Santa to see what we can do about the photo problem. lol. Same goes for the photo of "Round Wrappings", the second bead on the right is PURPLE!! Again, it looks black! How frustrating!! Trust me girls, these beads are sooo pretty. I love 'em.

The boys should be barreling in the door any moment. I'll hang out around the laptop to mark beads "sold" as they go. Hope you all find something you like!

Yep, I got beads already to go. Lauren and I need to run some errands so I'll put them up when we get back.

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