Friday, November 17, 2006

T'was the night before...

As promised, here are more photos of what will be heading to this weekend's show with me. The top photo here is of neckwires. I know what you are thinking... "but Kerry, those don't look like your usual neckwires." And right you are! Leslie over at LR Glass Art had asked me to direct her to where I get my neckwires, when I did, she redirected me to these "soft" neckwires she found. They were a huge hit last week so I made more for this week. I have about half and half now soft & hard. Plus, they are easily interchangable. It works.

These are the black and white bangles I promised too. Not as many as I would have liked to have, but still a few to choose from. I had some extras that were made into more lariats too. All in all, I think I am well prepared for this weekend. I have about 2 dozen of both bangles and neckwires, lots of one-of-a-kind bracelets and some stunning necklaces. Not to mention wine stoppers and earrings too! I will take lots of photos and update the jewelry shop on my website next week with the things that are left.
I have the batteries for my camera all powered up and the memory card is already to go too (yeah, I checked, twice). So I will be back tomorrow with lots of photos for you! Wish me luck!!

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