Monday, November 06, 2006

Busy Bee

Yep yep yep, I have been a very busy beading bee. I have loads to show you and tell you about. First up is a new bracelet called "Rusted". If you look at my "Sold Items" page you'll find a bracelet called "Fresh". This one is just like that with yummy fall colors. This bracelet matches just about every warm weather outfit I own. I love it!

I went wild again with colors on these new ones. The brightly colored one is just like my "Fiesta" necklace except this time it is a sweet bracelet of ovals. I love all the color here. Any outfit that doesn't match the "Rusty" bracelet will definately work with this one. The only color this one doesn't have is purple. I don't know, but when I was making the beads I had a rod of purple there to use and just couldn't bring myself to add it, it just looks off with purple in there. The other bracelet is another "Flings" with all black glass disks and pops of ceramic colors. Kinda Cool huh?

This next number is called "Cinematic". Same style as the bracelet "Passion" but now in black & white. I love black and white jewelry. Heck, I love black and white beads. But you can wear it with EVERYTHING. Wearing jean and a lime green sweater... wear this too... got on a black pencil skirt and white button up blouse... wear this too. It is a gotta have bracelet!

I was on a black and white kick for most of the weekend. These little beauties were a pain in the backside to make, lol. They are very intricately layered dots. That's all... JUST DOTS! I have a special wire bangle design in mind for these that I hope to get done tonight. I will let you know how it goes. Next photo is of the beads that I made on Saturday. I had planned on updated this blog yesterday with a photo of what I did all day the day before but it turned in to a very busy day and I never got to it. This single photo shows about 5 hours of work. There are spree Mod Dot beads, wine stopper beads, lots of bangles beads, disks and those layered dot beads too. The photo is cropped a little bit, but you get the idea. There is about 50 beads there!

Last is my secret revealed. Remember the other day when I told you I got a new book but was waiting to tell you what it was. It was "Chinese Knotting for Beaded Jewlery". Why would I get such a book? Well, a week or so ago I went to Deepwood Art's website and saw that Fran had taken down all her beautiful hand dyed silk cording. I had wanted to get some for Christmas ideas and to try at shows. She said she has been so overwhelmed with cording orders that she doesn't have time for beads. I told her how bummed I was asked if she had any left overs or old lots. I couple days later I had a wonderful package in my mail box with 14 different colors of cording!!! I had to get the book to learn to knot. This is my first attempt, and I have to say, it's definately different but I LIKE IT!

I used my "Hawiian Sunset in the Snow" beads with a color called "Bordeaux". I would love to hear what you think!

Ron is at class tonight so I am doing this update while helping with homework and cooking dinner. I have a huge pile of beads that needs to get transformed into lovely jewelry things. Hopefully I will get to it later tonight. I did make more beads this afternoon, today's colors were ivory & turquoise. Who remembers what happens when you mix ivory & aqua? I'll show you tomorrow for those that have forgotten. Tomorrow is going to be a bangle bead day. Considering I have about 2 dozen one-of-a-kind bracelets made, I think it is time to focus on those oh-so-very popular bangles. Then Wednesday is earring pair day with Thursday dedicated to assembly/pricing/packaging. Told ya a was a busy beading bee :)

OH... FREE BEADS! This week's winner is JULIE V. YOO HOO JULIE!!! Thanks so much everyone for your support of my site with your votes. It really is appreciated! Keep up the good work. The new beads are posted... go check 'em out!


Melinda said...

WOW--can't wait for the holiday show, everything looks gorgeous!!!! I love the silk knotted necklace, the hawaiian sunset beads take on a whole differnt color soectrum on the cors. Thinking of who need gifts this holiday.........!!

Kerry said...

I will see you Saturday!