Thursday, January 18, 2007

Been Busy Beading

YES! I finally got my torch refueled yesterday and I have already been beading away! I got loads to tell ya about! So lets get started...

First, check out the new raku frit (crushed reactive glass) I got to use on the "Sandy Lantern" bangles. It's new because it is much finer then the other raku, much "sandier" looking. At class tomorrow students will be wire wrapping these little beauties up in to some sweet looking bangles. I love love love raku! Who doesn't? Look at all those colors just POP!

Whenever I teach a project class, I have to make beads for myself to use too. I make the project right along with my students. I am still addicted to brights so I made some funky lentils for my class bracelet. Aren't they wild? Kind of a darker version of the beads I used in my "Fiesta" necklace don't ya think? I am definately going to need to explore this style more.

Today was a busy one... I have been working on making kits for tomorrow's class and I had a visit from the owner of Joolz, too. What's Joolz, you ask? Well, it is a new jewelry shop opening this spring in Canandaguia NY. Francie stopped by today and picked out a bunch of pieces for her new shop. Once she is ready to open the door, I'll let you all know the where and when details of the opening. It sounds like it is going to be fabulous place to find some unique pieces from around the country!

While I had all the jewelry out, I took the opportunity to get some things finally photographed and posted on the website. Take a minute and check out the new "Earrings", "Neckwires", and at last, the "Lariats". You need to scroll down on the Necklaces page to see the Lariats. The earrings and neckwires you may remember from back in November when I was getting ready for holiday shows. You can read the old post to find out what inspired those :) I can't believe I let these sit in my jewelry case for the past 3 months!! Shame on me... but there are loads of hearts so they are now, just in time for Valentine's. You would think I planned it that way, lol.

Did you notice my ticker change yesterday? I am so excited!! I lost another 4 pounds :) Yoo HOO! I am loving the direction the scale is heading, and it is all coming from eating healthy. Lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains... and don't forget... lots of water!! Gotta drink your water. Kids keep eating all the fruit on me though, lol. Jacob and Andrew love fruit. We have gone through 2 five pound bags of apples, 1 pound bag of grapes, 12 sunkist oranges, and a dozen bananas in just two weeks!

I plan on getting back out on the torch again tonight. I hope to have a fresh batch of Bead Box Beads and a couple more auctions next week. In the meantime... GO BID ON "COLORLESS CUBISM"... the auction ends tonight!! Hurry... go... before someone else gets them! They are going really cheap!

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