Monday, January 29, 2007


I am such a slacker. I never made beads yesterday. *gasp* The after effects of the margaritas and champagne stayed with me all day and I was totally unmotivated to go out in the freezing air to melt glass. But, I did make up for it today!! I spent three hours out there today working on some new ideas. I am playing with my favorite colors... ink blue, turquoise, grass green, periwinkle, trans aqua, and lavendar. Yummy!!

I had time today to make beads for a new bracelet and I got an Ebay set started. I am really anxious to see how the new set looks. I am trying something different with my nugget press. I am not ready to reveal my secrets yet, but in the next few days for sure.

I have had about a dozen inquiries about that ring I made and shared with you'll the other day. So I will work on them more. I need to order a few more mandrels though... this one at a time thing just ain't cuttin' it. I wanna make a few at once and try different things, I hate waiting days to get to try it again!

Alrighty.... I gotta get a move on dinner... I promise to give you a peak at the new Ebay set tomorrow :)

OH... almost forgot... THE FREE BEADS WINNER THIS WEEK IS.... (insert drumroll).... LUISA S!! Yoo hoo!! Congrats Luisa!! I'll get the new free beads pic posted tomorrow.

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