Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On A Jungle Gym

CHECK IT OUT!! "Playground Antics" has a matching bracelet! This one is going to be called "Jungle Gym". I was fortunate enough to have Ron home last night (still on "winter break" at school) and he let me out to the torch after dinner. I was going to work on an Ebay set that is playing in my head but as I pulled rods... all those Ebay thoughts were no where to be found. In their place was the need to disc it up again!! I can't believe how many discs are still in my head. I have made dozens, literally DOZENS, in the past few weeks and still haven't made two the same.

I had a blast pulling a bunch of twisties. I knew if I kept trying they would get better! And they add so much color to a bead with out making it too big. When I start layering colors the discs get bigger and bigger. It is nice to get two or three colors in one band. Another touch to these is double bubble beads. Remember I had added single bubble transparent beads to the Playground Antics piece. These are mostly solids with random bubbles of colors. FUN! Oh, and I figured out how to get one of my "K" tags on the silk cording too. I used a large soldered jump ring and it is trapped in one of the knots. The tag dangles off there. Which adds a whole new batch of possibilities to this style... DANGLES!

On to some very important business. I need some serious help!! Later this afternoon I am going to have a new POLL for you all. It is time to start applying for summer art shows and I need to decide which photos to have made into slides as representations of my work. I'll make a couple possible grouping and you all can vote on which ones I should send.

Time to get Lauren to school. Let me know what you think of the new piece!


kstyle said...

Kerry your disc beads are fabulous. I love the creativity. I'm going to put a link to your blog on "my morning coffee visits". I love to promote good lampwork. k

Kathy said...

wow, that bracelet is breath taking. and so playful and colorful.
Like the new survey too..

I can see you making more of those bracelets in a variety of colors.