Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Hattitude!

I realized today that I never told you what my sister and I did for our Mom for Christmas. Of course, I couldn't tell you cause my Mom is sneaky and would read my blog and find out. But these photos are the answer. Remember when Bonnie and I got our hats at Cornhill this summer? Then we wore them to La-Tea-Da's Tea Room for my Mom's birthday in September. Well, that day Mom was so sad she didn't have a hat like Bonnie and I did. We even swung by the boutique that carries Moire Bagale's hats in the city, but, alas, they were closed. Bonnie and I decided we would get Mom a hat of her own for Christmas.

We weren't about to pick it for her so she actually got a gift certificate for any hat she wanted. We went today to pick it out. She done good, people. She knows how to pick 'em. This hat is just to die for. Every stitch is hand done. Moire said she has about 20-30 hours of work into this hat. It is actually handwoven horse hair, but it is so surpizingly soft. I am just in awe. I wanted it!! You know I am going to come home with a new one after Cornhill this year!! My goodness I love this HAT! It is just an absolute work of art.

Dad topped off Mom's hat gift with a gift of his own. A gift certificate for a repeat tea party back at La-Tea-Da's. Mom has decided my birthday would be the perfect occassion to use it. So we are heading out in our hats for high tea in just a few weeks. Should be a BLAST!

Moire says her website is in the works so the minute it's up and running, you all will have a link to it. You gotta get a Moire hat... you just gotta. If you can't wait for her website... send me an email, I will give you her info!

I know I told ya I would show you a picture of my mug from Color Me Mine but it is hideous next to this hat so I am saving it for tomorrow.

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